The Overrides: Through Mud and Blood

“What difference does it make to the dead, the orphans and the homeless, whether the mad destruction is wrought under the name of totalitarianism or in the holy name of liberty or democracy?”

Mahatma Gandhi

Society is sh!t. Has it ever been good to its people? I don't recall a period when we have been truly happy in this pit of despair called reality. Just look around you an tell me: are things going well? Are we experiencing peace? I don't know but I think that most of us are cynical, pessimistic or we have simply lost our will to change what isn't of our liking. We're like stoned and dazed by impermanent happiness caused by money and power. We're not in control of them, they control us. They do since their invention and discovery. The Twins of Decay, always present, always wrecking up our life. They have so many faces that it's hard to beat them. They're in every aspect of our life, they're in symbiosis with us, like parasites. This aspect of our life, which is actually a pillar, has influenced everyone. Thinkers and artists, all of them have expressed their position on this matter. I'm talking about people like Baudeleire, Kubin, Balmont, Beardsley, Wilde, Pirandello, Delville, Carrere, Chambers and Stenbock. They've even created a cultural movement called Decadentism. But, after them, things didn't get better and this poisonous society has been a muse for different singers, poets and more.

Long Beach, California

Among them there's an American independent band from Long Beach, California called The Overrides. They feature members of Piss N' Blood and Dime Runner. After taking a brief break in 2015, Singer/Guitarist Cam Mosavian began writing new songs and re-working unreleased tracks he'd been creating for years, laying the groundwork for a new band best described as The Clash and The Ramones meet Fugazi and 90's Alternative.

He quickly enlisted the services of long-time bandmate and drummer Parker PJ Johnston (also from Piss N' Blood and Dime Runner), and shortly after his brother Brando on Bass. The band then held a lengthy audition process, looking for the perfect 2nd guitarist to compliment their sound. That came to an immediate end as soon as Denzil Dunn entered the studio, bringing not only his own unique tone, but custom made equipment.

For the next two years the band privately developed the sound of what would eventually become The Overrides. Since playing their first show March 31, 2018 at the Doll Hut in Anaheim, The Overrides have shared the stage with such bands as: U.S. Bombs, D.I., JFA, Narcoleptic Youth, D.F.L., Los Duggans and Headnoise, just to name a few.

Their interest in music started at a young age, as Cam says:

"Where do I start? Probably as a kid listening to music on the radio when driving around with my Mom. Some of my first dreams I can remember had soundtracks of the Beach Boys, Neil Diamond and Stevie Wonder. Every time I hear "I Just Called to Say I Love You" or "Good Vibrations" I still get chills. They're perfectly crafted songs"

Which influenced his musical journey and shaped the band's inspirations:

"My biggest inspiration is the love of music itself. Music was and is a very instrumental part of me and my life. I love a lot of different types of music from Classical to Jazz, but Punk Rock gave me a place to call home. The number one band who represented that the most to me was/is Fugazi. Since I first saw them live at The Palace in LA in 99' where they blew me the fuck away, they'll always be my favorite band of all time"

Inspirations which resound in his music's tastes, which are Sieve Fisted Find by Fugazi, London Calling by The Clash and Dear Prudence by The Beatles, and his media's zests, like Terminator 2, The Big Lebowski, The Three Amigos, Westworld, Arrested Development and Breaking Bad.

Today we're going to analyze their latest EP Attention, the follow up to Brain as a Fist, which involved an original creative process:

"For songwriting my creative process usually starts with an acoustic guitar, then out of that session I'll decide on a lick or chord progression I want to expand on. It naturally flows out once I'm in that flow. Sometimes I'll create the music around some lyrics I've already written, and other times I'll have an idea of what I want to write a song about, then I'll create the music and the lyrics around that idea with everything in mind. The new E.P. "Attention" is four songs that form almost like a concept album.Each song has almost the same chords and very closely related chord progressions.So for these particular four songs, the first song I wrote was "Part Two" which is an instrumental, and I loved the chords and progression (I think its one of the best progressions I've ever wrote) so much that I used it again in another song but with a different rhythm and tempo. Then I did it again because why not?"

An EP which is about life's hardship, as Cam explains to us:

"The main theme of the album revolves around going about your life day to day and observing bullshit that constantly surrounds you – things like advertisements in your face every second, trying to buy your attention.Or how sometimes you feel like a slave to the system, where every time you think you've gotten a little ahead something rears it's ugly head and pulls you back a few steps.I suppose lyrics-wise it's an emotional and aggressive subject matter, and that makes sense to me considering I wrote most of the music and lyrics for the songs some time ago when I was going through a rough patch in my life"

The first song of this EP is Attention. It starts with an interesting riff of bass. It reminds me a bit of 90's rock songs. It's pretty catchy. It mantains a consistent rythm throughout the whole song. It slows a bit in the middle to regain momentum. It's a good song, a strong way to start an EP.

Following is Shout. This song doesn't have an energic start like the previous one but it picks up after a while. This piece is about the need to let all your rage, anger and tension out, to free yourself of the burden caused by this kind of emotions. It's shorter than the first one but I find it more striking.

Then there's Part Two. Which has the best incipit, so far. It seems like a transition track and it lacks lyrics. It fits perfectly in the album because, I think, it represent a sort of hiatus from the other track's style. The ending is weird. Overall I think that the name is what makes it the weirdest track of this EP, because it isn't clear which is Part One(is it a song or a theme or...).

And least but not last is Observant Servant. It differentiates from the other tracks because it starts with a pounding rythm determined by the drums. They put it down in a pleasing way but the theme here is pretty hard. I mean, they reflect about the fact that we're all slaves of something and there's no escape. It's a dark way to end this EP but it makes sure that you'll remember this experience. Epiphany is hard to accept, especially when we're used to illusions.

This is an interesting band which deserves to be acknowledged for its style and themes. This EP looks more like a teaser and it's mouth watering. And they are already working on something new, as Cam says:

"I just finished scoring my first feature film so I am very excited to see where that goes! My best friend Josh Roush wrote and directed it and was crazy enough to let me score it"

An interesting turn of events for a band which has simple but admirable goals:

"Our goal as a band is to write and play the music that we like playing first and foremost, maybe even meet interesting people and kick some ass while doing it. We hope that people like what we're doing enough to let us quit our day jobs and do music full time though, let's be honest haha. But in all seriousness we just love music - we love playing it, listening to it, talking about it, and being in a band is one way to be in on the conversation, to be a small part of the conversation, to add to the conversation in your own not-entirely-inconsequential-way"

We can't wait to see how their next project will turn out to be.

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